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Louisiana Road Championship Results
May 27-28, 2000 - Hodges Gardens, LA

More photos from Jon Anderson

Sr. 1,2,3 Winner
Senior 1,2,3 Winner
1,2,3 Chase Group
1,2,3 chase group on the hill
Keith Duet Sprints
Keith Duet sprints to 11th in 1,2,3 race
Mike Lew finishes ahead of pack
Mike Lew finishes 10th in 1,2,3 race
George Pou
George Pou on cruises up the big climb with the pack
Mike and Keith follow LaS'port
Mike and Keith
Chase group comes over the top
Chase group struggles over the top late in the race
Chris Alexander checks for damage
Chris checks the damage at the false flat

Mike S. and Kenny B.'s early break at about the halfway mark

The leading 1,2,3 chase group

Cat. 4,5 Winner

Feed Zone for the 1,2,3s

Cat. 4,5 Riders

Mark Delaney takes 3rd in the Master 35 race

Team Campbell
Cat 5 Pack

Mike and Kenny off the Front

Mark Delaney
Rick Selby

Giselle Hosgood Pagel

Women's Finish, Pagel, Traci and Cindi
Jack Ditt
Jack Ditt


Senior 1,2,3
(86.4 Mi.)
1)Alistar Sponsel,  Cillismo (TX)
2)Jack Ditt, Herring (1st in LA)
3)Chris Alexander (2nd in LA)
4)Eric Murphy, Red Stick (3rd in LA)
5)George Pou, NBO (4th in LA)
6)Brent Turner, Champions
7)Russel Metoyer, La S'port (5th in LA)
8)Joseph D'Antoni, Sir Speedy (6th in LA)
9)Mike Simpson, La S'port (7th in LA)
10)Mike Lew, NOBC/CPB (8th in LA)
11)Keith Duet, NOBC/CPB (9th in LA)
12)Brad Hecker, Herring (10th in LA)
13)Dave Bunce, La S'port (11th in LA)
14)Keith Breaux, Out Spoken (12 in LA)
15)Steve Lepine, Outspoken (13 in LA)
16)Charley Davis , NBO(14th in LA)
17)Chris Stokes, Herring (15)
18)Todd Courtney, Lake Shore (16)
19)Brett Faulk, Sir Speedy (17)
20)Steve Tomaszwski, (18)

Senior 4,5
(54 Mi.)
1)Joe Curro, JMC
2)Herb Roussel, Unattached (1st in LA)
3)Ken McKee, Sir Speedy (2nd in LA)
4)Darrel O'Quinn, Red Stick (3rd in LA)
5)Mark Casey, Outspoken (4th in La)
6)Timothy Regan, Lake shore (5)
7)Zachary Broussard, sir Speedy (6)
8)Kendal Broussard, Sir Speedy (7)
9)Kenny Dunaway, Red stick (8)
10)Tim Daigle, Red stick (9)
11) Marcus Clements, La S'port (10)
12)? (11)
13)Mark Horseipian, MVVV
14)Shawn Pinsonneault, Red Stick (12)
15)Alan Moore, LaS'port (13)
16)Joe French, LaS'port (14)

Senior Women (37.8 Mi.)
1)Traci Rodosta, Denver Velo
2)Cindie Hill, Evermore, (1st in LA)
3)Giselle Pagel, Red Stick (2nd)
4)Erin Seidemenn, evermore (3rd)
Senior 5 - Public (37.8 Mi.)
1)Michael Fontana, ua
2)Richard Elisishans, lasport
3)Craig Bennett, ua
4)Paul Huff, ua
5)Mike Sledge, la s'port
6)Kent Payne, redstick
7)alan Brown, ua
8)Bradley Mangrum, ua
9)Doug Cadrad, jolly roger cycling
10)Paul Norton, ua
11)Rick Fitts, Jolly roger
12)Steve David, Jolly Roger
13)Clayton Clark, Lakeshore
14)Larry Russel, ua


Junior Men 17-18 (43.2 Mi.)
1)Erich Mattei, Lakeshore
2)Stephen Lepine, Outspoken
3)Mal Schuler, Lakeshore
4)John Hightower, sir speedy

Junior Men 15-16 (21.6 Mi.)
1)Ben Schule, Lake shore
2)Matthew Billeaud, cajun cyclist
Junior Men 13-14 (10.8 Mi.)
1)Ryan Shelley, Lakeshore,
2)Alex Rabalais, labkeshore
Junior Men 10-12 (5.4 Mi.)
1)Micah Rabalais, lasport
2)T. Wesley Cambpell, ua
3)Bandon Cambpel, ua
Master Men 30-34 (48.6 Mi.)
1)Joseph Curro, JMC (not a LA resident)
Master Men 35-44 (37.8 Mi.)
1)William Morrison, Lakeshore
2)Craig Robertson, Gulfcoast cycling club,
3)Scott Hendricks, Charles Schwabb
4)Hamrick Shelby, Lakeshore (2nd in LA)
5)Mark Delaney, NOBC/CPB, (3rd in La)
6)Mark Housepian, ua, (4th in LA)
7)James Solley, Road Kill, (5th in LA)
Master Men 45-54 (27.0 Mi.)
1)Randall Legeai, NOBC/CPB/CPB
2)Paul Cheney, Red Stick
3)Mark Dayton, ua
4)Joe French, La S'port
5)Salty Galvis, Evermore
6)Brian Quartano, ICCC
7)Alan Moore, La S'port, (6th in LA)
8)Jerry Richard, Sir Speedy (7th in LA)
9)Thomas Campbell, NOBC/CPB/CPB, (8thin La)
10)Steve Zerangue, redstick, 9thin la
Master Men 55+ (27.0 Mi.)
1)Mike Williams,unattached 
2)Phil Baker, Red STick
3)Rick Peevy, red stick 4)Clyde Posey, ua
Master Women 30+ (27.0 Mi.)
1)Gissel Pagel - redstick
2)Cynthia Manach, ua
3)Sheri Brown, road kill
4)Tori Reeves, ua
5)Melanie Glegg, LA s'port
6)Cynthia Walker-La S'port