Louisiana/Mississippi State Championship
Road Race

September 6-7, 2003

Benton, Louisiana
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It was actually quite a race. Gary Z took off in the first mile or 2. Stayed away, mostly alone for 65 miles. He had at some points more than 3 minutes on the ever attacking pack. Long time to be alone. . . [Read Kenny Bellau's race report]
Master 35+/45+ (17 Starters)
1. Randy Legeai  NOBC (1st LAMBRA 45+)
2. Chuck Moore Miles For Smiles (2nd LAMBRA 45+)
3. Scott Hendricks Vitamin Cottage (Denver, CO)
4. Jerold Simon Miles For Smiles (1st LAMBRA 35+)
5. Keith Duet NOBC (2nd LAMBRA 35+)
6. Hamrick Selby NOBC (3rd LAMBRA 35+)
7. Robert McNeely Twin City Cyclists (3rd LAMBRA 45+)
8. Charles Davis NOBC  
9. Butch Jordan Team LaS'port  
10. Tom Monick Team LaS'port  
11. Mark Newman Miles For Smiles  
12. Mark Delaney NOBC  
13. John Egan NOBC  
14. Dan Jason Miles For Smiles  
15. Charles Hobbs Team LaS'port  
16. Robert Branstetter unattached (Texas)
17. Bill Tramel Miles For Smiles  

Masters 55+/65+ (2 starters)
1. Joe Hedl Team LaS'port Texas
2. Arley Smith Texarkana Bicycle Club Texas

Masters Women 35+ (2 starters)
1. Sheri McNeely Twin City Cyclists  
2. Eileen Garland Team LaS'port  

Juniors (7 starters)
1. Jeffery Eifert Meridian Athletic Assc. (1st LAMBRA 15-16)
2. Dylan Jason MFS (1st LAMBRA 13-14)
3. Ben Bransetter unattached Texas
4. Francis Asprodites NOBC (1st, LAMBRA 17-18)
5. Christian Eifert Meridian Athletic Assc. (2nd LAMBRA 13-14)
6. Cora Eifert Meridian Athletic Assc. (3rd LAMBRA 13-14)
7. Andrew Hammond Jackson Metro Cyclists (1st LAMBRA 10-12)

Men's Category 5 (25 starters)
1. Chad Garland Team LaS'port (1st LAMBRA)
2. Ellis Eifert Meridian Athletic Assc. (2nd LAMBRA)
3. Kyle Boudreaux LSU (3rd LAMBRA)
4. Scott Gurganus Team LaS'port  
5. Jay Bookman LSU  
6. Paul Norton Team LaS'port  
7. Christopher Mangin unattached  
8. Marcus Clements Team LaS'port  
9. Britt Drummond LSU  
10. Marty Evans Twin City Cyclists  
11. Doug Godard Twin City Cyclists  
12. Mark Pearson Team LaS'port  
13. (all finished, we only have results of top twelve)

Women Cat. 1-4 (5 starters)
1. Shontelle Gauthier Southern Fire (Gold)
2. Sheri McNeely Twin City Cyclists (Silver)
3. Sandra Taylor Team LaS'port (Bronze)
4. Jackie Williams Jackson Metro Cyclists  
5. Amy Alexander LSU  

Men's Category 4 (11 starters)
1. Todd Crooks Team LaS'port (Gold)
2. Paul Norton Team LaS'port (Silver)
3. Tim Perry Twin City Cyclists (Bronze)
4. Paul Ziesel Team LaS'port  
5. Ryan Boudreaux NOBC  
6. Brian Anderson Team LaS'port  
7. Jeff Foote Twin City Cyclists  
8. Bert Durrett Team LaS'port  
9. Lee Hammond Jackson Metro Cyclists  
10. Joe French Team LaS'port  
11. Michael Matthews unattached  

Men's Category 1-2-3 (29 starters)
1. Kenny Bellau Herring Gas (Gold)
2. Randy Racine Team LaS'port (Silver)
3. Dan Thompson Meridian Athletic Association (Bronze)
4. Eric Mattei Herring Gas  
5. Tim Reagan Herring Gas  
6. Shawn Casey Herring Gas  
7. Troy Porter Herring Gas  
8. Randy Legeai NOBC  
9. Brett Faulk Southern Fire  
10. Jason Hurling Southern Fire  
11. Noel Puentes NBO  
12. Frank Moak Herring Gas  
13. Steve Thomaszewski NBO  
14. Kendrick Perry Southern Fire  
15. Keith Duet NOBC  
16. Ben Schuler NOBC  
17. Bryan Bunch  Herring Gas   
18. Tracy Martin Twin City Cyclists  
19. Chris Alexander Herring Gas  
20. Eddy Delgado NBO  
21. Zachary Perry MMW  
22. David Alexander Southern Fire  
23. Brian Loflin Team LaS'port  
24. Robert McNeely Twin City Cyclists  
25. Hamrick Selby NOBC  
26. Gary Zyriek Herring Gas  
27. Charles Davis NOBC  
28. Carrol Patin Southern Fire (DNF)
29. John Egan NOBC (DNF)

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