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Ms./La. Team Time Trial Championships
June 9, 2002, Baton Rouge, LA. (32 mi.)

Malcolm's Race Photos


Category 1,2,3

1 Kevin Krewe Sun & Ski Sports 1:07:51
  Paul Read Sun & Ski Sports  
  Kenny York Sun & Ski Sports  
  George Pou Sun & Ski Sports  
2 Bert Rareshide NBO 1:10:13
  Stephen Viguerie NBO  
  Todd Herbet NBO  
  Eddie Cocaran NBO  
3 Bryan Bunch Herring Gas 1:10:40
  Gary Zyriek Herring Gas  
  Frank Moak Herring Gas  
  Troy Porter Herring Gas  
4 Ben Schueler NOBC 1:12:58
  Tim Reagan NOBC  
  Robert Robin NOBC  
  Eddie Delgado NOBC  
5 Kenny Bellau Herring Gas 1:14:02
  Chris Stokes Herring Gas  
  Brad Hecker Herring Gas  
  Eric Matteai Herring Gas  
6 Norman Nolan Red Stick 1:14:55
  David Alexander Red Stick  
  Stephen Tomaszeski Red Stick  
7 Jason Hurling Cajun Cyclists 1:14:59
  Shane Hernandez Cajun Cyclists
  Adam Lesprince Cajun Cyclists
8 Noel Puentes NOBC 1:15:36
  Malcolm Schueler NOBC
  Paul Varnado NOBC
  Charlie Thomas NOBC

Category 4

1 William Cheramie Lakeshore 1:17:23
  Rene Navarre Lakeshore  
  Mike Roper Lakeshore  
  Dru Mannuel Lakeshore  
2 Zachary Brousard Sir Speedy 1:18:18
  Brady Hebert Cajun Cyclists  
  Louis Lafleur Cajun Cyclists  
  Shane Trasclair Lakeshore  
3 Tim Cappo MFS 1:21:34
  Josh Asford MFS  
  Mike Rankin MFS  
  Troy Rousso MFS  

Category 5

1 Mile Williams Cajun Cannon Balls 1:12:47
  John Tompson Cajun Cannon Balls  
  Carl Duree Cajun Cannon Balls  
  Ronald Dufrene Cajun Cannon Balls  
2 Mike Corcaan Team Amber 1:15:42
  Steve Spencer Team Amber  
  Keith Mcdermott Team Amber  
  Shannon Allison Team Amber  
3 Luke Choates Tri City Specialists 1:15:59
  Pat Fits Tri City Specialists  
  Greg Cormie Unattached  
  Rusty Cart Tri City Specialists  
4 Robert Santopedre Lakeshore 1:18:19
  Ernie Bodie Lakeshore  
  Greg Kujowa Lakeshore  
  Scott Shell Lakeshore  
5 Blaine Augustine Jolly Roger 1:22:01
  Russell Bourgeouis Red Stick  
  Charlie Rome Red Stick  
  Brian Jordon Red Stick  

Masters 35+

1 Richard Raspet Memphis Motor Works 1:12:52
  Butch Sims Memphis Motor Works  
  John Mclaughlin Memphis Motor Works  
  James Sanders Memphis Motor Works  
2 George Heagerty E.C.C 1:14:40
  Louis Galvis Lakeshore  
  Steve Martin Lakeshore  
  Hamrick Selby Lakeshore  
3 Robert Luker MFS 1:16:25
  Tom Harbourt MFS  
  Chuck Moore MFS  
  Jon Anderson MFS  
4 Stephen Apsey Red Stick 1:16:46
  Steve Sieden Red Stick  
  Keith McCarrol Red Stick  
  Charles Davis Red Stick  
5 Randall Legeai NOBC 1:18:09
  Mark Delaney NOBC  
  Brian Magendie NOBC  
  Luke Ponseti Unattached  

Masters 50+

1 Richard Ehrlicher Red Stick 0:58:23
  David Glenn Red Stick  
  Julius Beard Red Stick  
  Brian Apsey Red Stick  


1 Josie Babin MFS 1:22:22
  Katrin Salle MFS  
  Gisselle Pagel MFS  
2 Jamie Raymonde Lakeshore 1:33:47
  Caroline Owen Unattached  
  Janet Mannuel Unattached  
  Lisa Walhaug Unattached  

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